Spring 2008

Seminar in the Anthropology of Music: Theory and Method

Listed in: Music, as MUSI-49


Jeffers L. Engelhardt (Section 01)


How are music and music-making related to people's identities, sense of time and place, social and economic structures, moral codes, religious beliefs, political ideologies, and relationships with technologies and their environment? This seminar explores how ethnomusicologists and anthropologists answer these questions as they engage the world's diverse musical traditions. The first part of this seminar will deal with the disciplinary history of ethnomusicology, its scope, and its changing aims and methods. We will read key musical ethnographies, listen to pioneering field recordings, and watch important documentary films. The other part of this seminar will involve first-hand fieldwork in and around Amherst. This will teach students basic ethnographic techniques and sharpen their skills of observation and critical interpretation. Fulfills either the departmental seminar requirement or the comprehensive exam requirement for the major. Requisite: Music 31 or consent of the instructor. Second semester. Professor Engelhardt.