Spring 2008

Women in Art in Early Modern Europe


Nicola M. Courtright (Section 01)


(Also Art and Art History 84.) This course will examine the ways in which prevailing ideas about women and gender shaped visual imagery, and how these images influenced ideas concerning women from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. It will adopt a comparative perspective, both by identifying regional differences among European nations and tracing changes over time. In addition to considering patronage of art by women and works by women artists, we will look at the depiction of women heroes such as Judith; the portrayal of women rulers, including Elizabeth I and Marie de' Medici; and the imagery of rape. Topics emerging from these categories of art include biological theories about women; humanist defenses of women; the relationship between the exercise of political power and sexuality; differing attitudes toward women in Catholic and Protestant art; and feminine ideals of beauty Limited to 15 students. Second semester. Professor Courtright.

title is wrong

Somehow the system got the title of my class wrong:  it's "Women and Art in Early Modern Europe."