Fall 2008

Introduction to the History of Western Art

Listed in: Art and the History of Art, as ARHA-01


Andaleeb B. Banta (Sections 01 and 02)


An introduction to works of art as the embodiment of cultural, social, and political values from ancient civilizations of the West to the present. Students will approach a selected number of paintings, sculptures, and buildings from a number of perspectives, and the course will address various historical periods, artists, artistic practices, and themes through objects of Western art that are united by contemplation of the uniquely artistic expression of meaning in visual form. The course will also emphasize cultural and artistic exchanges between societies of Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Weekly sections will meet at the Mead Art Museum to study original works of art. Two hour and 20-minute lectures and one discussion section per week. Requisite: Preference will be given to studio art concentrators, first-year students and sophmores with no previous art history experience. Limited to 40 students. Fall semester. Professor TBA.