Fall 2008

Astroparticle Physics

Listed in: Physics and Astronomy, as ASTR-57  |  Physics and Astronomy, as PHYS-57


Lara A. Phillips (Section 01)


(Also Physics 57.) Taking off from an exploration of the Standard Model of elementary particles, and the physics of particle and radiation detection, this course will cover topics in the young field of Particle Astrophysics. This field bridges the fields of elementary particle physics and astrophysics and investigates processes in the universe using experimental methods from particle physics. An emphasis will be placed on current experiments and the scientific literature. Topics covered will include cosmic rays, neutrinos, the development of structure in the early universe, big bang nucleosynthesis, and culminate with our modern understanding of the nature of dark matter and dark energy in the expanding universe. Requisite: Physics 48 or consent of instructor. Fall semester. Postdoctoral Fellow Phillips.