Fall 2008

Plate Tectonics and Continental Dynamics

Listed in: Geology, as GEOL-40


Tekla A. Harms (Section 01)


An analysis of the dynamic processes that drive the physical evolution of the earth’s crust and mantle. Plate tectonics, the changing configuration of the continents and oceans, and the origin and evolution of mountain belts will be studied using evidence from diverse branches of geology. Present dynamics are examined as a means to interpret the record of the past, and the rock record is examined as a key to understanding the potential range of present and future earth dynamics. Three hours of class and three hours of laboratory each week. Requisite: Geology 11 and two additional upper-level Geology courses. Fall semester. Professor Harms.

Divergent Boundaries-MAR Lab

Submitted by Tekla A. Harms on Friday, 9/12/2008, at 6:27 PM