Fall 2008

Communicating in Sophisticated Japanese

Listed in: Asian Languages and Civilizations, as JAPA-05


Kozue Miyama (Sections 01 and 02)
Wako Tawa (Sections 01 and 02)


This course is designed for students who have completed the acquisition of basic structures of Japanese and have learned a substantial number of characters (Kanji) and are comfortable using them spontaneously. The course will emphasize the development of all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) at a more complex, multi-paragraph level. For example, students will be trained to speak more spontaneously and with cultural appropriateness in given situations using concrete as well as abstract expressions on a sustained level of conversation. As for literacy, students will be given practice reading and writing using several hundred characters (Kanji). Small groups based on the students’ proficiency levels will be formed, so that instruction accords with the needs of each group. Students will be required to practice with the materials that are on the course website at the college. Two group meetings and two individualized or small group evaluations per week are normally required throughout the semester. Requisite: Japanese 02, Japanese 04, or equivalent. Fall semester. Senior Lecturer Miyama. Assistant.