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This sheet identifies the abbreviations I normally use in marking essays -- many are familiar proofreading marks.

17th-century English history, notes for Paradise Lost

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The British Seventeenth Century: important Milton things


1625                Accession of Charles I (Stuart)


1642                War breaks out between Charles and Parliament; his enemies cite his entanglements and alliances with Catholic powers on the continent, and arbitrary rule at home


1649                The captured Charles is executed


1649-1660 ("Interregnum")                 Rule variously by the Army under Oliver Cromwell and others, and by Parliament; Milton serves as Cromwell's Latin secretary (and Marvell as his assistant)


1660                Charles II restored; Milton briefly imprisoned (freed through the efforts of Marvell, among others)


1667                Paradise Lost published in ten books


1674                Paradise Lost published in twelve books (as with our edition)


(adapted from The Western Heritage, v. 2, 5th ed., Donald Kagan et al., eds. [Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1995], 493)