Course Information

Submitted by Daniel J. Velleman on Friday, 9/5/2008, at 11:13 AM

Prof. Velleman
305 Seeley Mudd

Textbook:  Herbert Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, 2nd ed.
          This book is available at Jeffery Amherst bookstore.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned about once a week.  You may discuss problems with each other, but you must write up your solutions alone.  I will not accept late homework.  Homework can be found under the "Homework" link in the menu to the left.

Grading policy:  Your grade will be based on two exams and a final exam.  They will be weighted as follows:

  • Exams: 35% each
  • Final: 45%

Your lowest grade will have its weight reduced by 15%.



Taking Notes