Fall 2008

Jazz Theory and Improvisation I

Listed in: Music, as MUSI-35


Bruce P. Diehl (Section 01)


A course designed to explore jazz harmonic and improvisational practice from both the theoretical and applied standpoint. Students will study common harmonic practice of the jazz idiom, modes and scales, rhythmic practices, and consider their stylistic interpretation. An end-of-semester performance of material(s) studied during the semester will be required of the class. A jazz-based ear-training section will be scheduled outside of the regular class times. Two class meetings per week. Requisite: Music 11 or 12, or equivalent, or consent of the instructor. Limited to 16 students. Students who have not previously taken a course in music theory at Amherst College are encouraged to take a self-administered placement exam available on reserve in the Music Library and on the Music Department Website (http://www.amherst.edu/~music/ TheoryPlacement.pdf). <> Students are also encouraged to discuss placement in music theory with a member of the Music Department. Fall semester. Lecturer Diehl.