Submitted by William A. Loinaz


Classical Mechanics (5th ed)
Author: Tom W. B. Kibble
ISBN: 978-1860944352
Publisher:  Imperial College Press
(will be available from Jeffrey Amherst Bookstore)


Additional useful references

Submitted by William A. Loinaz
  • Classical Mechanics (1st edition)
    Author: John Taylor
    ISBN: 1-891389-22-X
    Publisher: University Science Books

    Often used as the primary text for this course.  At a similar level to Kibble, but with more detail.
  • Classical Dynamics of Particle and Systems (5th edition)
    Author: Stephen Thorton and J. B. Marion (deceased)
    ISBN: 0-534-40896-6
    Publisher: Thomson Brooks-Cole

    Also used as primary text in previous incarnations of this course.  More dense and dry than Kibble or Taylor.