Fall 2008

Hispanic World: Past, Present and Future

Listed in: Spanish, as SPAN-12


Victoria Maillo (Section 01)


A survey course that provides an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world (including both North and South America and Spain) through language, geography, history, economics, sociopolitical issues, folklore, literature and art. The different units in this course are geographically oriented, and they will focus on individual countries or particular Hispanic groups. Writing skills will be refined by the completion of research papers, and communication skills will be developed further by class discussions and oral presentations. Comprehension will be enhanced by presenting students with literary texts, movies, documentaries and periodicals. The course is conducted entirely in Spanish. Requisite: Spanish 05 or the equivalent in secondary school Spanish (advanced standing or a score of 5 on the advanced placement examination). Limited to 17 students. Fall and Spring semesters. Lecturer Maillo.