Submitted by Christopher T. Dole on Tuesday, 2/3/2009, at 1:55 PM

journals that publish significant medical anthropological research:

Medical Anthropology Quarterly*:
    (see also the website for the Society of Medical Anthropology:
Medical Anthropology:
Social Science & Medicine:
Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry:
Anthropology & Medicine:
Journal of Health and Social Behavior:
International Journal of Health Services:
Transcultural Psychiatry:
Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law:
Journal of Health & Social Behavior:
Journal of Public Health Policy:
American Journal of Public Health:


anthropology journals with frequent medical anthropology articles:

American Anthropologist:
American Ethnologist:
Anthropology Quarterly:
Annual Review of Anthropology:
Cultural Anthropology: ,
Public Culture:
Current Anthropology:
Human Organization:


science, technology, and medicine journals of anthropological relevance:

Social Studies of Science: