Workshop I

Submitted by Catherine A. Ciepiela on Friday, 3/20/2009, at 6:39 PM

For the next two weeks we'll be working together in a workshop format.  Each of you will present your translation of ONE poem by your chosen poet.  We'll plan to get through two or three poems in each session.  Here's our provisional schedule:

Tuesday, Mar.24:     Michael, Caroline, Zoe

Thursday, Mar. 26:  Diana, Sabato

Tuesday, Mar. 31:     Catherine, Gregory

Thursday, April 2:    Eliza, Rachel


We will share our materials through our course website in the following manner:

Instructions for presenters  

Please email me the following as Word documents TWO DAYS before you are scheduled to present:

1.  the poem in the original language

2. your interlinear and any other commentary (you may choose to include your short paper on the poem, for example)

3.  your translation

I will post these materials on our course website under the tab "Assignments" for everyone to look over before class.


Instructions for the rest of us

Study the posted materials and prepare to discuss them in class.  Before each class, please post TWO comments on the translations for that day.  You may be as brief or expansive as you like, and your comments can take the form of a question.  Please use one of your comments to note what you like about the translation.  Also, it will be helpful for class discussion if you read through your classmates' comments beforehand.


Submitted by Catherine A. Ciepiela on Friday, 2/6/2009, at 10:44 AM
Insert the line breaks into this prose version of Elizabeth Bishop's poem "The Fish," trying to hear where they make "sound" sense as Pinsky describes it in his chapter on line and syntax. Then check your choices against the poem as Bishop created and published it. Do not look check the poem until you have entered all of your line breaks.