Spring 2009


No limitations specified

List of admitted students

Submitted by Andrew C. Dole on Monday, 2/2/2009, at 9:19 AM

The following students are offered admission to the course.  If withdrawals reduces the number of enrolled students below the cap of 25, offers will be extended to students not on this list.

Bourjaily    Charles
Eppler-Epstein Rebecca
Fairhurst    Will
Frieje    Daniel
Gao    Simon
Kaminski    Amelia
Keithline    Anne
Kim    Seongju
Kim    Brian
Klages-Mundt    Ariah
Lerner    Adam
Lin    Jerry
MacArthur    Robert
Martinez    Christina
Mosley    William
Nacht    Ian
Park    Jeong

Piotrkowski  Judith

Saddler    Amber

Scala    Joe
Tanenbaum    Charles
Thapaliya    Niraj
Thayer    Brian
Urmey    Max
Wanjala    Caca
Wu    Kevin