Spring 2009

Religion in the Atlantic World: 1441-1808

Listed in: Black Studies, as BLST-28  |  Religion, as RELI-58


David W. Wills (Section 01)


(Also Black Studies 28.) An examination of the religious history of the Atlantic world, from the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade to the Anglo-American withdrawal from that trade. Emphasis will be placed on the encounter of African and European religions. How did the religion(s) of Africans and the religion(s) of Europeans differ and how were they alike at the time of their meeting in the Atlantic world? How did they change in response to one another along the west coast of Africa, and in the Caribbean and the Americas? Attention will be given to both West African and Kongo-Angola religious traditions, to both Catholicism and Protestantism, to both elite and popular religious patterns, and to the role of Islam in Africa and the New World. Two class meetings per week. Spring semester. Professor Wills.