Spring 2009

Women Writers of Spain

Listed in: Spanish, as SPAN-32


Sara J. Brenneis (Section 01)


Twentieth-century Spanish women writers have carved out a particular niche in the canon of Spanish literature. Often envisioned as a single entity, they have, however, distinguished themselves as just as unique as individual writers as their male counterparts. This course will consider contemporary novels, short fiction, essays and poetry authored by women with an overarching question of how one defines an escritura femenina in Spain and what - if anything - differentiates it as a gendered space from other modes of writing. While the course will focus on women writers and the representation of the feminine in Spanish writing, we will also examine texts that present an un-gendered space as a point of comparison and contrast. Conducted in Spanish. This course will be taught as a Senior Seminar and will require an advanced level of Spanish. Requisite: Spanish 7. Instructor consent required. Spring semester. Professor Brenneis.