Case Studies for Cell Signalling

Submitted by Patricia B. O'Hara on Tuesday, 11/17/2009, at 10:37 PM

Your assignment is to work with your partner to create a four paragraph wikipedia like entry on this website for your particular disorder/signaling molecule using your lead paper. Each group has its own web page (see tabs at left).  If you click on your topic, a page will come up with your names and a pdf copy of the papers I handed to you in class.  I mean this to be the start of the page, and hope you can add to it.  This can be done using the editing features of this CMS site if you are handy with making websites, inserting graphics etc.  Alternatively, you can make a four slide powerpoint presentation which you can load onto this site.  I've set up the pages so you can each edit them, and I hope you won't have problems.  I'll expect these sites to be up by Monday at 5 PM.  Info from this site will be used in drafting questions for the next quiz.

  1. The first paragraph should contain the name and structures of the signaling molecule(s), a brief summary of the natural role of this hormone or signaling molecule in the body.  Discuss what type of molecule it is (peptide, steroid, or other kind), where it is made or not made (relevant to your particular disorder), and any other relevant information about the small molecules involved.
  2. The second paragraph should contain the name and description of the disease, disorder, or pathology described in the paper.  If you need to consult other resources, make sure you cite them.
  3. The third paragraph should relate the disorder to the signalling molecule.
  4. The fourth paragraph can be anything you want to say relevant to the paper and the class.