Preparation for the final exam

Submitted by Kozue Miyama on Wednesday, 12/16/2009, at 8:37 AM

Japanese 11 (Fall 2009)

Preparation for the final examination:

1.    Be able to write about food in the context of different cultures (your choice of food).
2.    Be able to give instructions about how to make things, use things, etc. (you may choose what things to discuss).
3.    Be able to write about poetry in Japan in general (historically or otherwise); the explanation does not have to be too much in detail, but being able to give general information is helpful. Study the first page of the poetry packet.
4.     Memorize one tanka or haiku that you like. Be able to write it down from memory, and give your own interpretation of it.
5.    Be able to give your own interpretation of either 生きる or わたしが一番きれいだったとき.
6.    Study causatives, causative-passives, and related structures. Vocabulary in Stage 3-4 will not specifically be tested, but it may be helpful to know some of them.