1.      Papers: Hand in your papers as an attachment to an e-mail to me at jgentzler@amherst.edu.  With the exception of the first paper, you can hand it in at any time on the day that they are due.
        Wednesday, September 9: Very short paper due (5:00 am)
        Thursday, October 15:  First medium-length paper due.
        Thursday, November 17:  Second medium-length paper due.
        December 22: Third medium-length paper due.

    2.    Rewrites:  The optional rewrites of the first three papers are due by December 22, though I encourage you to hand them in earlier.

    3.    Extension option: With the exception of the first paper, I will distribute paper assignments at least seven days before their due date. This should be plenty of time, but unexpected problems may arise that will prevent you from meeting certain deadlines.  So, I now grant you, in advance, the following extension option: You may hand in one of your first two medium-length papers up to one week late.  BEYOND THIS THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSIONS, ALMOST NO EXCEPTIONS (a passionate and eloquent plea from the Dean of Students or your Class Dean is the only thing that will have any impact on me);  late papers (not covered by the extension option) will be penalized one-third of a letter-grade (3 points) per day. THE EXTENSION OPTION DOES NOT APPLY TO VERY SHORT PAPER OR TO THE THIRD MEDIUM-LENGTH PAPER.  For the purposes of due-date only, the third medium-length paper counts as a take-home final exam.

    The extension option is not without its price.  If you look at the schedule, you will see that the three medium-length papers are fairly evenly spaced throughout the semester.  If you take the extension option, then, depending on how long it takes me to comment on your papers, you may find yourself beginning work on your next paper without the benefit of my comments on your earlier paper.  This is the only price.