Exam schedule

Submitted by Nicholas C. Darnton (inactive) on Friday, 12/18/2009, at 3:49 PM


Midterms will be two hours long.  You may bring 2n sides of notes to the nth exam.

Midterm I: Thursday, Oct 15, 8-10 PM in Merrill 2.

Midterm II: Self-scheduled on Friday, Nov 6.

Midterm III: Tuesday, Nov 17, 8-10 PM in Merrill 2.

If you cannot take a midterm at these times, please contact me ASAP so we can arrange an alternative time.


Final: Saturday, December 19 at 2 PM in Mead 115.

The scheduling of the final is out of my hands.  I will gladly commiserate with you but am powerless to change it.