First short assignment - 1 page city-memory

Submitted by Doreen Lee (inactive) on Friday, 9/11/2009, at 3:24 PM

Read the Calvino essay for the Sept.15th class. Take notes on how Calvino approaches the construction of memory in his essay. Where and how does "the city" appear in this text?

Assignment: One double-spaced page on a city-memory. How do YOU remember cities, and why this or that particular city or memory? Describe a city and its associative memory in a way that captures a particular essence or urban feel that you consider most representative of the city.

Post your paragraph in the add comments section of this page by Monday evening 8 pm at the latest.

You are responsible for reading the postings of your peers. Note stylistic and methodological differences in your approaches to the assignment. We will discuss these paragraphs in class.