Origen "On Interpreting the Scriptures"

Origen's theory of how the Scriptures should be read

Hymn of the Pearl

This beautiful hymn, found in the Acts of Thomas, reveals classic folktale form, but with motifs which could be considered 'gnostic.'

Justin Martyr

One of the first Christian theologians, writing in the mid second century CE.

Life of Anthony

One of the earliest saints' lives, which was to have tremendous influence.

Man of God

A fascinating holy man text from 5th century CE

Odes of Solomon

A lovely collecton of early Christian hymns, written in Syriac, from the second (?) century

Origen "On FIrst Principles"

Origen, the first greata systematic theologian, sets forth his method, and discusses some topics which would later have him condemned as a heretic


Plotinus, a neo-Platonic philospher, provides in these excerpts a view of the origin of the cosmos, and of the return of humans to their origin.

Simon Magus

The figure of Simon, known from Acts of the Apostles, is made into the first of the heresies by Irenaeus, bishop of Lyons, writing at the end of the second century CE.

Some Legislation on Jews

A brief collection of legislation by Christian Emperors on the Jews.


A fascinating tale of a non-martyr heroine