Final Paper (10-12pp), due TUESDAY, DEC. 22

Submitted by Catherine A. Ciepiela on Tuesday, 12/8/2009, at 4:32 PM
This final paper is your chance to fully pursue a topic or problem in Dostoevsky's writings, drawing your material mainly from either "The Idiot" or "The Brothers Karamazov." You may refer to Dostoevsky's other writings, of course, but please focus on one of these two novels. Please feel free to follow up on any of the ideas you articulated earlier in your short paper and/or blog entries. While this paper is not a "research paper," I ask you to find and cite at least TWO relevant sources. These sources may supply contextual information or describe an argument you are contesting or using in your own paper. The idea is to help stimulate your thinking about Dostoevsky's novel(s). Where to find these sources? You are invited to do your own searches through, for example, databases like WorldCat or the MLA International Bibliography. (If you don't know how to access these, please ask me or the reference librarian at Frost.) You may also find ON RESERVE at Frost Library all the books on the "Suggested Reading" list I handed out at the beginning of the semester, a pdf of which you may find above ("reserve"). These represent some of the best writing I know on Dostoevsky, and I encourage you to make use of them.