Final Paper Topic

Anthropology 12

Final Paper Topic

In your final paper you should:

1)       (In the first two pages):  Describe an anthropologically significant aspect of experience on the Amherst College campus (or, if you are not an Amherst College student, your own campus) – an aspect of experience on which you would like to focus research if you were actually an anthropologist doing a study of Amherst College. (And, please, do not choose football!)

 2)       (In the following five-six pages):  Justify the anthropological significance of your interest with reference to at least six major ideas you have learned in the class – three from the first half of the class and three from the second.  (You can use more if you like.)

3)      (In the next page – after your justification):  Describe the methodology you would use to carry out the investigation. (This will involve thinking hard about how you will gather the data you need to make your argument.)

4)      (In the final one-two pages):  Explain the broader significance of your project (to human understanding of the world).

Thus, you should construct your (eight-eleven page) paper in the following manner:

a)       Topic (one-two pages);

b)       Anthropological significance (five-six pages).

c)       Methodology (one page);

d)      Broader significance (one-two pages).

Your papers are due in class on May 6th.  I will accept no late papers without a good excuse.  Also, if you want your papers commented upon and returned, please submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your paper.  (I will make no comments on papers which do not come along with an envelope.)