Spring 2010

Chemistry and the Environment

Listed in: Chemistry, as CHEM-08


Karena A. McKinney (Section 01)


In this course, fundamental principles of chemistry will be introduced and used to understand the sources, fates, and activities of chemical compounds in natural and polluted environments. Concepts such as the nature of matter and energy, atomic and molecular structure and bonding, chemical change and reaction stoichiometry, the properties and behavior of gases, and the forces driving chemical reactions will be developed. Examples will be drawn from and shed light on environmental issues such as climate change, air quality, stratospheric ozone depletion, acid rain, water pollution and treatment, energy resources, and environmental toxins. In this way, the underlying physical principles will be linked directly to problems of immediate concern in modern society. The course is designed primarily for non-science majors and Environmental Studies majors. No prior college science or mathematics courses are required. Four class hours per week.

Spring semester.  Professor McKinney.


Science & Math for Non-majors


2019-20: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2010