Baudelaire commentary

Submitted by Ronald C. Rosbottom on Saturday, 4/17/2010, at 3:15 PM

Choose one of the poems from THE PARISIAN PROWLER, and write 200 words on how it might fit into what you learned today about Baudelaire.  Or, just analyze it as an expression of a poet's frustration with the changes that modern life were forcing on him.


Proust's figurative language

Submitted by Ronald C. Rosbottom on Thursday, 2/25/2010, at 11:17 AM

Post here the phrase or sentence or passage that you will discuss on Monday, so that we can all glance at it before class.


Writers use figurative language (metaphor, metonmy, simile, synecdoche, apostrophe, personification, etc.) to emphasize a point or a description where they sense that purely denotative (as opposed to connotative) language will not suffice. We should always consider not only WHICH figures are used, but WHY the point was important enough to demand such a figure.


Commentary #2 (due by 11 PM tonight)

Submitted by Ronald C. Rosbottom on Tuesday, 2/16/2010, at 5:12 PM

Reflect on the figurative language (symbols, images, figures of speech) that WW uses in the following passage:

Book I lines 1-10  OR

Describe his feelings about formal learning that one mayderive from his first encounter with Cambridge.

Commentary #1 due by 9 pm, Wed, Jan 9

Submitted by Ronald C. Rosbottom on Monday, 2/8/2010, at 7:59 PM

Write 200 words or less in which you either


1. Discuss the contradictions in Montaigne's "To the Reader"




2. Discuss his intended audience.