Course Information

Submitted by Daniel J. Velleman on Tuesday, 1/26/2010, at 10:58 AM

Prof. Velleman
305 Seeley Mudd
Office Hours:  MWTh 2–3

Text:  Velleman, How To Prove It, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2006

Grading Policy:

Your grade will be based mostly on three exams and a final.  Your grades on the three exams and the final will be averaged using the following weights:

            3 Exams:  25% each
            Final:  40%
            The lowest of these grades will have its weight reduced by 15%.

  Homework will be assigned regularly.  I won't use homework grades much in determining final grades.  However, if you don't hand in many of the homework assignments, or if you don't put much effort into them, I won't be inclined to be generous if your exam average is borderline.  You may discuss homework problems with each other, but you must write up your solutions alone.  (Of course, you must work alone on the exams!)