Research Project Proposals - submissions and required feedback

Submitted by Jason Robinson on Monday, 3/1/2010, at 8:52 AM

Project Proposal:

Due no later than 8pm on Thursday March 11.  Submit proposals by using the "Add comment" link below.
Your project proposal should include the following:

1) A one-page summary of your project.  This should include a detailed description of the document you will submit at the end of the course.
2) A list of questions addressed in your project.
3) A description of the methodology you will use to complete your project (ethnographic, historiographic, analytical, compositional, performative, etc…).
4) A works cited list that includes readings, recordings, videos, and other sources that you will engage.

The research project is the capstone experience in this course.  As we've discovered in class discussions, we all contribute our own unique perspectives, experiences, and positions on popular music.  In the spirit of peer review, encouraging multiple perspectives, and generating strong, detailed research projects, you are asked to provide responses to each research project proposal in the course.

Guidelines for Responses:

1) Using the "reply" link at the bottom of each research project proposal, post at least one response for EACH proposal.
2) All of your responses must be posted no later than 8pm on Thursday April 1.
3) Responses must be of a positive nature--suggestions for audio, video, and other examples, research literature suggestions, additional perspectives on the topics, and so forth.

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