Required items

Textbook and MasteringPhysics

We will use the first volume of Young & Freedman's University Physics (12th edition) and the accompanying MasteringPhysics online software.  The text + software access will be available at Amherst Books.  If you procure a used or graymarket copy of the textbook, you will need to separately purchase access to the MasteringPhysics software, either from the publisher or from the MasteringPhysics website.  In addition to your personal PIN / ID, you will need the Course ID for Physics 16, Darnton2010S, in order to register yourself at the MasteringPhysics site.   Note that you usually cannot reuse someone else's PIN or share a PIN. 

The 11th edition of the textbook is essentially identical to the 12th except for the end-of-chapter problems and, I presume, price.  A translation table from 12th edition problems to 11th edition problems is available. Copies of the textbook will be on reserve in the Science Library and Q Center.

Personal Response System (PRS)

PRS clickers for in-class quizzes can be obtained from the IT department.  They can be checked out (like a library book and with similar responsibilities) from Seeley Mudd 110.

Lab Notebook

Quadrille notebooks will be provided at the first laboratory session and charged to your student account.


This course makes moderately heavy use of pocket calculators, though you probably won't need anything beyond trigonometric functions.  A graphing calculator is more than adequate.