Submitted by Matthew Schulkind on Thursday, 1/6/2011, at 9:55 PM
Chapter 2: HistoryMaking sense of your life story
Chapter 2: War of the Ghosts
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Chapter 4: Explicit MemoryHiding valuables
Chapter 5: Procedural MemorySinging a new tune
Chapter 6: Working MemoryStudying while listening to your Ipod,
texting, IMing, and watching TV
Chapter 11: Issues in Memory ISumming up
Chapter 3: NeuropsychologyAnimal research
Chapter 10: Amnesia/DementiaMemento
Chapter 8: DevelopmentGender differences
Chapter 9: Autobiographical MemoryPersonal Flashbulb Memories
Chapter 9: Memory WarsCapturing the Friedmans
Chapter 12: Everyday MemoryProf. Schulkind is a dishonest rat-bastard