Submitted by Frederick T. Griffiths on Sunday, 8/29/2010, at 11:31 AM

These texts will be available at Amherst Books, 8 Main Street.


Adiga, Aravind, The White Tiger (Free Press) 1416562605

Homer, The Odyssey, trans. Richmond Lattimore  (Harper) 00609044798

Morrison, Toni, Beloved (Vintage)  1400033416.

Puig, Manuel, Kiss of the Spider Woman (Vintage) 0679724494

Strunk, William, Jr., and E. B. White, The Elements of Style (4th edition)  (Longman) 020530902X

Suggs, M. Jack, ed., The Oxford Study Bible (Oxford) 0195290003 (We’ll be using articles and commentary from this edition.)


Other readings  (e.g., Frederick Douglass, Mary Prince) will be in the course notebook, to be distributed on the first day of class. The contents of the notebook through November 9 are posted under Rikipedia > Readings.