Social Analysis of Gifts

Submitted by Maria R. Heim on Tuesday, 11/16/2010, at 4:57 PM

What sorts of gift-giving practices are you analyzing for the paper? What are some of your preliminary observations? Are any of you considering the gift-giving in your community engagement organizations?

There can be an element of collaboration here--these online discussions may help you think about what others are doing in ways that can inform your own paper. Also, we can learn from and offer suggestions to classmates when they put up their ideas, even if their ideas are still not fully worked out.

Free gifts?

Submitted by Maria R. Heim on Tuesday, 9/28/2010, at 3:39 PM

What do you think? Are there any such things as purely disinterested, pure gifts? Or is all giving done with some anticipation of reward, if nothing else then the very pleasure in giving? What are your own motives in your community engagement commitment? (Here it might be good to tell the group what service you are doing or planning to do).