Homework #10

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 2:14 PM

Due date: 12/13(M) in class. Do Listening of Stage 3-8 (p.346, WB2).

Homework #9

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Wednesday, 12/1/2010, at 3:55 PM

The following will be used for your oral test #3 (12/8):

Please choose one: (1) 3 俳句 (or 川柳 or mix) and explanation of your work; (2) 2 短歌 and explanation of your work; (3) 3連 of 自由詩 and explanation. Your explanation must be handwritten on 原稿用紙 and the length should be 1 page long. You will receive corrections on Tuesday during your practice session. Use the corrected version as the script for your presentation on 12/8.

Homework #8

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Friday, 11/19/2010, at 1:20 PM

11/29(M):Following the style of 自由詩 by 谷川俊太郎「生きる」, choose 3 topics from a list on page 17 of the handout or create your own topics (3), and write 2連 for each topic. Write them out and submit it on Monday, 11/29. Be sure that you will not repeat the ones you did in the practice sessions (Sovjani-sensei reported to me which ones each student chose).

Homework #7

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Tuesday, 11/9/2010, at 9:52 AM

11/15(M): Choose a Japanese movie in the library - it has to be the movie that you have never seen. Watch it between Friday (11/12) and Monday morning (11/15) and prepare to give a short presentation on the movie in class on Monday. Content of the presentation: (the time and the place you watched it; characters in the movie; summary; your thoughts on it). Length of presentation: 5 minutes per student.

Written test #2 (11/8) and oral test #2 (11/9)

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Thursday, 10/28/2010, at 11:32 AM

Written test #2 (11/8): study Step 3 (WB2) of chapters 3-6, 3-7, and 3-8. Questions will be in the essay format and they are based on the discourse readings, 慣用句, 諺, and 四字熟語 in these three chapters.

Oral test #2 (11/9): Oral interviews by Sovjani sensei (the preparation will be the same as above). The test will be given individually and the length of each interview is 10 minutes. Alphabetical order in each practice session (the list will be posted on the door). Please wait outside the classroom until your turn comes.

Homework #6

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Wednesday, 10/20/2010, at 3:20 PM

p. 328 (WB 2): 2: Listening. (R: S3-7-8). Submit it in class (November 1st, Monday).

Homework #5

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Friday, 10/15/2010, at 10:29 AM

Write one sentence per each 慣用句 (the ones with 気、手、耳). For 気, use the ones in p.304 and p.309 (WB2). 23 separate sentences in total. Avoid writing simple sentences. For each sentence, provide context (e.g., situation, reason, etc.). Due: 10/25(M) in class.

Test #1 (10/13); Oral test #2 (10/14)

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Thursday, 9/30/2010, at 12:18 PM

Test #1 (10/13, Wednesday): Four essay questions (timed writing; 20 minutes per question). Review the main grammar points of Stage 3-2 through Stage 3-5. Review questions given in discoure practices in each chapter (Workbook 2). No translation questions and no vocabulary test included in this test.  

Oral test #2 (10/14, Thursday): Come to your practice session. Each student will be the discussion leader for 10 minutes. Prepare interesting topics to discuss - these topics should be related to the contents of the readings we studied in Step 3 of each chapter (3-2 through 3-5, Workbook 2). You may consult with the members in your group so that the discussion topics will not overlap (strongly recommended).

Please read the syllabus under "policies." NO make-up test.

Homework #4

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Saturday, 9/25/2010, at 10:16 AM

Choose one: (1) Listening, p. 275 (WB2); (2) 4: Discourse writing, (p.277, WB2). Extra credit when you submit both.

Homework #3

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Sunday, 9/19/2010, at 11:41 AM

4: Discourse writing (p.255, WB2). If you choose to send your 投書 to a newspaper, I would be happy to help. Page limit (one to one and a half page on genkoyoshi).