Global Pop Divas

Submitted by Wangene Hall on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 2:56 PM

Global Pop

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The Properties of Sound: Biz Markie versus Gilbert O'Sullivan

Submitted by Adam E. Gerchick on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 2:50 PM


Biz Markie's 1991 "Alone Again (Naturally)"


Gilbert O'Sullivan's 1972 hit "Alone Again"

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Pentatonic Scales

Submitted by Joseph W. Higgs on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 12:57 PM


File:D Yo scale.svg

Yo Scale





The Hybridity of Hip-Hop

Submitted by Matthew H. Hartzler on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 12:50 PM

DJ Kool Herc



Afrika Bambaataa - "Planet Rock" - 1981


Akon - "Don't Matter" - 2007

Spanish english Codeswitching

Submitted by Ofori-Kwafo Yaw Amponsah on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 2:06 AM

Spanglish Rap




The adaptation of language so that its rhythmic pattern, rhyme scheme and general flow fits the mainstream US hip hop aesthetic is the driving fore behind global hip-hop creativity and evolution today.





Code Switching-

Code-switching is the use of more than one linguistic variety in a manner consistent with the syntax and phonology of each variety.



An unchanging intonation in speech



The change in the form of a word to indicate a change in its grammatical usage





DJ Tony Touch, DJ Tony Toca-

Joseph Anthony Hernandez







Spanish verbs are always inflected, due to conjugation.


La casa, La casas


Hablo, hable



Spanish also uses inflection for adjective to indicate both number and gender.


Spanish inflection can also show mood.


Pablo Estudia.


Prefereimos que  Pablo estudie.



Also, Spanish allows for multiple ways to say a singular thing.  For example,








Night At The Caravanserai

Submitted by Timothy F. Clark on Wednesday, 12/8/2010, at 1:06 AM

12 Night At The Caravanserai.m4a

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