For Sept. 29th

Submitted by Amrita Basu on Thursday, 9/23/2010, at 11:11 PM

Some of the authors we’ve read (i.e. Piven and Cloward, Scott) believe that people are most likely to challenge injustice by organizing outside and against institutions.  Others (i.e. Tarrow, Katzenstein) believe that protest has moved out of the streets and into institutions. These authors present very different views on the relationship between oppositional movements and political institutions. What is your position on the different views the authors present? Where do you stand?  

Question for Sept. 22nd

Submitted by Amrita Basu on Friday, 9/17/2010, at 9:59 AM

As we discussed in our first class, the ideas and strategies of social movements have travelled historically from the regions in which they emerge to other parts of the world. However transnational social movements and advocacy networks have clearly grown in the recent past. What explains this? How would you compare the conditions under which national and transnational social movements emerge? And how has the character of movements changed as they have become more transnational?

You can respond to all of these questions or focus on one of them. Please remember to submit your response by 2 pm on Tuesday.