Spring 2011

The Burden of Truth: Photography, Seeing, and Ethics

Listed in: Art and the History of Art, as ARHA-92


Howard H. Dinin (Section 03)


This course will provide an analytic and critical review of photography, one of the predominant art forms of the 19th through 21st centuries. There will be references to photography's historical and cultural context, with particular emphasis on works after mid-century (1950) and the place of photography inside and outside the canon. Some consideration will be given to the relationship among the three prevailing strains of the medium: fine art, popular culture, and photojournalism. The course will be taught by an art historian and an artist, each participating in the significant and indissoluble dyad involved in the close examination of art. This course will include lectures, seminar discussion, colloquy, and a course-long practicum integrated into the syllabus along with primary source readings and some reference to secondary sources. The practicum will involve self-directed fieldwork, subject to class-wide discussion and critiques. Students should have some knowledge of art history and the practice of photography as well as a general familiarity with works of art in any medium. Access to and use of conventional photographic equipment (preferably digital, for ease of class-wide access, viewing and distribution) is expected.

Spring semester.  Visiting Lecturer Dinin.


2018-19: Not offered
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