Reading for this course will be scientific articles available for some weeks on e-reserves, and other weeks via the links in the left-hand menu. 

Some background reading will be from the textbook used in Neuroscience 26 (Introduction to Neuroscience): Bear, Connors, and Paradiso, Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain.  Multiple copies of this text will be on reserve in the Science Library under Neuroscience 26.

Additional background reading will be from "The Human Brain," by John Nolte (Mosby).  The 6th edition is current, but the 5th edition is readily available and would be fine.   Two copies of this text will be on reserve, but I suggest that students in the course purchase a copy.  The online access provided with a new copy of the book is not necessary.  A shorter version by the same author, "Essentials of the Human Brain," is not recommended.


Taking Notes