Amherst College Neurobiology of Disease Course

Revised 3/28/11

Support for guest faculty was provided by the Class of '62 Fink Symposium Fund and the Amherst Lecture Committee.

  Date Topic  
T Jan. 24 Course Introduction Prof. George
Th 26 Review: neuroanatomy Prof. George

February 1

Review: neuronal cell biology

C. Wright, A. Salinero, K. Woodhouse,A. Goldblatt, A. Thaler, V. Zhu

Th 3  Neuropathology  Dr. Robert Ferrante
T 8  Addiction background  G. Front, A. Handler, A Soto
Th  10  Quiz  (4:30 Neuroscience comprehensives)
 T  15  Clinical research background  E. Fink, C. Wright
 Th 17  Addiction  Prof. G.
 T  22  Alzheimer’s background  A. Brown, S. Keating, J. Ntim
 Th  24  Issues in clinical research  Prof. G. (4:30 Neuro. comprehensives)
 T March 1 Huntington’s background   B. Smith, J. Mooney, E. Fan, E. Fink
 Th 3  Alzheimer's Disease

 Dr. Joanna Jankowsky `90

 T 8  Quiz  
 Th 10  Huntington’s disease  Dr. Robert Ferrante
  Spring break
 T  22  Epilepsy background  B. High, E. Stein, A. Thaler
 Th 24  Channelopathies/ALS  Dr. Robert Brown, Jr. `69
 T  29  Parkinson's background  P. Riva, G. Li, R. Dago
 Th  31  Epilepsy  Dr. Autumn Klein `93
 T  April 5  Autism background  R. Dago, K. Ereme, A. Salinero
 Th 7  Parkinson's Disease  Prof. G.
 T 12  Quiz  Evening presentations
 Th 14  Autism  A. Soto, A. Handler, B. High
 T  19  Multiple sclerosis background  A. Goldblatt, K. Woodhouse, E. Matute
 Th  21  Misc. topics  P. Riva, G. Li, J. Bass, R. Tsai
 T  26  Ataxia telangiectasia  E. Stein, K. Ereme, V. Zhu
 Th  28  Multiple sclerosis  Dr. Robert Fox ‘91
 T May 3  Neuro-AIDS  J. Ntim, J. Jones, E. Fan
 Th  5  Film: "Awakenings"