Spring 2011

Media, Culture and Global Citizenship

Listed in: Special Seminar, as COLQ-20


Barry O'Connell (Section 01)


(Offered as COLQ 20 at Amherst College and COMM 397A at the University of Massachusetts.)  This course examines different forms of belonging in the modern nation state, and the range of symbolic modes and genres for expressing (and refusing) belonging.  What does it mean to be a national?  What is the difference between nationality and citizenship?  What rights and obligations does citizenship entail?  The First Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to freedom of expression, at the same time that a range of institutions and strategies limit those rights.  We will explore those limits, along with the literacies demanded by citizenship (including those that familiar models of citizenship ignore, such as popular cultural practices and readings).  We will also consider the ways in which new communication technologies have affected how people imagine the communities to which they belong.

Limited to 50 students:  25 from Amherst College and 25 from the University of Massachusetts.  Spring semester.  To be taught at Amherst College.  Professor O’Connell and Professor Henderson of the University of Massachusetts.

If Overenrolled: Half of the available 50 seats are reserved for UMass students.


2021-22: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Fall 2008, Spring 2011