Submitted by Hilary J. Moss on Thursday, 10/13/2016, at 2:10 PM

Your response page for this week is a bit different. There are two short readings relevant to spatial segregation and highway construction:

There is also a listing for various documents on the Inner Belt. Those documents, the majority of which come from the Cambridge Historical Society, are scanned and available in a folder marked "Inner Belt" under the Data file on our courses shared drive. Once you open the drive, you'll see several pdf files: some contain letters, some contain maps, while others contain planning documents and data from communities potentially affected by the impending Highway.

Using the secondary readings from this week, and from previous weeks, to guide you, think about what research questions might emerge from this archival collection. I would read the secondary material first, then dig into the online archive. The bulk of your response should be deovted to how you might use these particular primary source materials to structure a research query or project.

You don't need to read every document in detail. Instead, try and find those particular archival pieces that speak most to you.

We look forward to reading your thoughts on the discussion board by Monday at 6 PM!

Also, don't forget the statistics reading for Tuesday:

Due Date: 
Mon, 02/14/2011 - 18:00