Submitted by Andy Anderson on Thursday, 3/3/2011, at 8:05 PM

By Tuesday, March 1, at 1 PM, please do the following exercises:

  1. On whichever Windows computer you're using, set up the assignment:
    1. Map the network drive \\storage\colq-32 (if necessary).
    2. Inside your own folder, locate your copy of the folder named “Class Week 5” and drag a copy to your desktop (this will make your work faster). You don't need to do this if you're sitting at the same computer as on Tuesday, and haven't made any changes to this folder on COLQ-32.
    3. Rename the folder on your desktop “Assignment Week 6”.
    4. The file Inner_Belt_Cambridge_Plats_All.xlsx has been updated with additional data since class on Tuesday. Locate it in the folder “@Data” and then “Class Week 5” and copy it to your folder “Assignment Week 6”, replacing the older one.
  2. You will be analyzing the statistical characteristics of the updated data set Inner_Belt_Cambridge_Plats_All.xlsx. Determine the distribution of the updated sample population by age (max, min, mean, median, mode, standard deviation), race (fractions of W, N*, and other), and home ownership (fraction of owned vs. rented). Summarize this information, including the size of the sample population in a Word document in your “Assignment Week 6” folder.
  3. Create a new polyline layer by tracing out each of the three highway options in the georeferenced highway map, similar to the way you created the Brookline-Elm boundaries (though as a polygon). Trace them from the river to Somerville.
  4. Load the 1960 census tracts and join the provided files.
  5. For each highway option, select the tracts that it intersects, and measure the same statistical characteristics as above for race (W, N*, and other) and home ownership. Hint: in the attribute table you can click on a column and select Statistics… to see statistics for just that selection. Write this information in the Word file in your “Assignment Week 6” folder.
  6. How does the property-owner data analyzed in Step (2) compare to the more general tract information in Step (5) for the Brookline-Elm line? Write your answer in the Word file in your “Assignment Week 6” folder.
  7. Don't forget to save your map!
  8. Finally, finish tracing out the edges of the five urban renewal areas that we started last week.
  9. Drag the folder “Assignment Week 6” from your desktop to your folder in \\storage\colq-32.
Due Date: 
Tue, 03/01/2011 - 13:00