Submitted by Hilary J. Moss on Thursday, 10/13/2016, at 2:12 PM

As we discussed in class, your response page will related to this week's readings and to documents in either the Koocher Papers or the Elementary School Building Study located in the class archives.

First, read the three articles for this week. As with your last response, you should approach Benjamin and Erickson as models for the kind of research you might want to do later in the semester.

Matthew D. Lassiter, “Socioeconomic Integration” in the Suburbs: From Reactionary Populism to Class Fairness in Metropolitan Charlotte, in The New Suburban History, 120-143.

* Ansley T. Erickson, “Building Inequality: The Spatial Organization of Schooling in Nashville, Tennessee after Brown, Journal of Urban History, forthcoming.

* Karen Benjamin, “Suburbanizing Jim Crow: The Impact of School Policy on Residential Segregation,” Journal of Urban history, forthcoming.

As you are reading Erickson and Benjamin, think about what questions you would like to ask them about their research and their research process. We will be talking with both of them in class on Tuesday.

Second, On Friday, sometime between 10-4, visit the Cambridge School Committee Archives (our class archive in the reading room of Cooper House). Spend a bit of time perusing the document collection available for our class, and think about what research project you might construct related to the Cambridge Public Schools that speaks to themes raised in Erickson, Benjamin, and/or Lassiter. What questions would you ask? What else would you want to know?

Fifth, write your response page, just as you did last week, highlighting what research questions you might ask, should you choose to explore this episode further, and thinking about how your story intersects or diverges from the stories told by Erickson, Benjamin, and/or Lassiter.

We look forward to reading your thoughts!

As usual, your response should be posted no later than Monday at 6 pm.

Due Date: 
Mon, 03/07/2011 - 18:00