Submitted by Andy Anderson on Monday, 4/11/2011, at 4:08 PM

As you know, there is no response page for next week. I have posted a link on the discussion board however, appropriately titled "Plans for Cambridge Visit..." Please post to let others know of your plans for next week, so that you can coordinate with your classmates. 

What day do you plan on traveling to Cambridge? Where do you plan to go?  Are you planning on driving? What collections do you hope to examine? 

Once you have a sense of which days you and your classmates will be traveling, you'll need to coordinate with one another about transportation. As I mentioned, I have cars reserved for Tuesday. I am working on reserving a car for Friday as well. Please do this as soon as possible. 

Remember to be in touch with archivists prior to your visit, to make sure that the materials are there for you when you arrive. 

I'd also make sure you have a digital camera handy. If you don't own one, check with IT as soon as possible to make sure to reserve one. 

Please use the discussion board to keep us informed of your plans. 

Happy field-tripping! 

- HM

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Mon, 03/28/2011 - 18:00