Part One: Cities

Week One: (1/25) Introduction to GIS; Defining Terms

Week Two: (2/1) The Origins of the Urban Crisis

Week Three: (2/8) The Federal Role in Spatial Inequality (Housing)

Week Four: (2/15) The Federal Role in Spatial Inequality, continued (Highways)

Week Five: (2/22) Why do some cities…. Fail? (Urban Renewal)

Week Six: (3/1) ……While other cities thrive? (Private Institutions)

Part Two: Schools

Week Seven: (3/8): Spatial Inequality and Schools

Week Eight: (3/15) No Class – Spring Break

Week Nine: (3/22) Court-Ordered Desegregation; Backlash Against Busing

Week Ten: (3/29): Road Trip to Cambridge

Week Eleven: (4/5) Replacing Race with Socio-Economic Considerations

Week Twelve: (4/12) Mapping Educational Opportunity and School Choice

Week Thirteen: (4/19) The Supreme Court Reversal

Week Fourteen: (4/26) Final Project Work

Week Fifteen: (5/3) Presentations and Celebrations

Final Projects Due