Written test #1 and Oral test #1

Submitted by Wako Tawa on Thursday, 2/3/2011, at 3:10 PM

Written test #1: study the following:(1) Compare all media sources we used in this unit –the similarities and differences among them; (2) Write one piece of news that you have gained by reading in the media sources (describe what media you used, what you found out, and what in your view is the message of the article); (3) Summarize one piece of information you have gained from your classmate in your session and explain why you chose it; (4) Unannounced question;

Oral test #2: Present your revised assignment #2 (the length should be between 8 and 10 minutes when presenting). After all presentations are over, discussion should follow. The speaker may not look at any notes while speaking (you may bring some visual aid if it is appropriate). The audience may take notes while listening to the speakers.