Grammar and Translation Discussion

Submitted by Christopher S. van den Berg on Wednesday, 2/16/2011, at 6:13 PM

Grammar and Translation

Select One of the books to the left for the grammar and translation discussion.

You may edit the pages as you wish, adding questions or responding to the questions of your classmates.

Since only one person at a time can edit a page, don't stay logged in editing too long.  Decide on your comments or questions, then log-on and add them, then log-off the page.

You may also add a new page for a book if it's not yet up there.  Please cut and paste the template of initial information from one of the other books for which a page already exists.

Please note: Do not edit THE CURRENT PAGE (by clicking "add") if you want to add a new wiki page for a book. Instead, append a sub-page by clicking on the "Settings" tab (above) and then click on "Add sub-page".  This will create a new page for the book you want to discuss.  Please title the page and the books according to the current system (e.g. Aeneid Book 6 for Book 6 of the Aeneid--tricky!).