Aeneid Book 5 Grammar and Translation Discussion

Submitted by Christopher S. van den Berg on Monday, 2/21/2011, at 3:04 PM

Reading Assignments for this book:

Translate: Book 5: 5.42-103, 545-663, 664-871.

Please make sure to address issues or questions in the appropriate section below (sections are marked off by numbers and are listed in bold).

Always prepend the number and a colon to any given line or group of lines.

Make sure to indent responses to questions.  Only the question should be all the way to the left.

When posting a question, double check that it isn't already answered in the commentary we're using!  Be as specific as possible in explaining what's confusing (or what's interesting, if you like a particular line).



54: How do the imperfect subjunctives work in lines 54?  What do they mean and why does Pharr call this implied contrary to fact?

54: It means roughly "I would still perform (exsquerer = impf. subj.) the annual vows and would heap high (stuerem) the altars with their gifts."  It's implied contrary to fact because he is in fact going to do just that, i.e he's only implying that he would do this even if he weren't able (but he is...).



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