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Welcome to the CMS page for Math 17, Section 2.  I'll be posting grades, assignments, etc. here.  Please check the site often for new additions. 

Anouncement (5/7/2011):  Posted old practice exam and solutions for final.

Announcement (4/30/2011):  Posted Test 3 Supporting Materials

Announcement (4/25/2011):  Posted link to Chapter 28 online (see Links page).

Announcement (4/22/2011):  Posted HW 9.

Announcement (4/21/2011):  Posted Lab 10 and datasets.

Announcement (4/18/2011):  Posted HW 8.

Announcement (4/13/2011):  Posted HW 7, with problems from Chapter 28 in an attachment.  Also posted Lab 9 and datasets.

Announcement (4/6/2011):  Posted solutions to labs 6, 7, and 8.

Announcement (4/2/2011):  Posted two practice tests, along with solutions to HW 5 and HW 6.

Announcement (3/20/2011):  I've posted details for the group project.

Announcement (3/15/2011):  I've posted the homework 5 and 6 assignments.  Thanks,



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