Hmk 9 - Due May 6th

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Monday, 4/25/2011, at 1:34 PM
Final homework! Note that you cannot use an extension on this one because coursework cannot be turned in after May 6th without written permission from the Dean.

Hmk 8 - Due April 20

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Monday, 4/18/2011, at 9:28 AM
For 11.18, you can just do part a. The book isn't really clear what they want you to do in b. Assignment now states this.

Hmk 5 - Due March 10

Submitted by Amy S. Wagaman on Friday, 3/4/2011, at 2:29 PM
Note for 10.4 (first problem), the alternative hypothesis should be p<.05 not="" p="">.05. Their setup does not make sense doing a greater than hypothesis. Edit: Now due Thursday, March 10, due to Analysis and Abstract midterms. Don't wait to start it till Wednesday though!</.05>