Welcome to "Introduction to Neuroscience"

Our class meets MWF at 9:00 AM in Merrill Lecture hall 3. Labs are Tuesday or Wednesday starting at 2 PM sharp in Life Sciences 145.  We will have a lab during the first week of class - you must attend this lab during the first week of class on the day you are registered for if you wish to take Introduction to Neuroscience this semester.

Our textbook is Mark Bear, Brian Connors, and Michael Paradiso (2007) Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain. 3rd ed. Baltimore: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. It's the same text and edition as last year. The book is available at the Food for Thought Bookshop in town (just past CVS).

Wednesday, Feb. 2: class and lab as usual!

Yes, the College is "closed," but the policy is that even when the college is closed, "essential" people must still do what they usually do.  No one is more essential to a college than the students and faculty, so we'll have Intro. to Neuroscience class this morning as usual, and lab this afternoon for the Wed. section also as usual.  Non-essential people like the president and deans can take the day off.

The "closing" of the college is a recent innovation, probably caused by the college's lawyers worrying about lawsuits from employees who live far away and who might get in an accident coming to work in bad weather.   Given the way things are going, probably in the future "closing" will be mandatory for classes and labs as well.  So, today is your chance to do something that will let you say to the next generation, "When I was at Amherst, we slogged to class even in the worst blizzards."